BSG on BBC 3.10/3.11: The Passage/Eye of Jupiter/Rapture – “The less this man says, the better this will go.”

The Passage (★★) is one of those episodes that bored me for most of its run time. It’s main function is to move the overall story from one point to another. I think I jotted down four notes about the entire episode. Though I was mostly disinterested, the end managed to pack an emotional wallop that I was not expecting. The episode focused, mostly, on Kat, one of the Nugget pilots from early in season one who stayed on with Adama during New Caprica and rose to the position of Galactica’s CAG. She was long ago shown to be a good pilot as well as the only other pilot besides Lee that will stand up to Kara. When we start to get more information about her in this episode I knew that she was about to die. I’m not even going to bother explaining her story because in the scheme of things it matters not at all; it was only necessary to wring the emotion out of the viewer at the end. It was nice that the character got a showcase but her death seemed pointless.

On the basestar, Baltar discovers that Deanna is killing herself daily to continue the visions. The two visit the Hybrid, why I don’t remember, and somehow discern from her stream of conscious speak the direction the Cylons need to take to find earth – a star cluster which will lead them to the Eye of Jupiter. The same star cluster, it is assumed, the fleet just found and traversed to reach the alge planet and restore their food supply.

Which brings us to Eye of Jupiter (★★★★) and Rapture (★★★★), the former was the mid-season three finale. Since these two episodes are really just one long episode, I am going to combine the review.

So much happens it’s almost hard to know where to begin, so I’m going to be lazy and give bullet points:

  • The fleet has been harvest algae for 14 days and is wrapping the mission up when the Cylons arrive looking for the Eye of Jupiter. Conveniently, Tyrol has just discovered the Temple of Five, spoken of in the scriptures, which should contain the eye of Jupiter. Being the son of priests, he is tasked with discovering just what the Eye of Jupiter is while Adama and Roslin try to stall the Cylons from going down to the planet to steal it for themselves.
  • When a Cylon delegation arrives on Galactica to negotiate for the Eye, Athena learns from Boomer that Hera is still alive. That leads to Adama confronting Roslin about Hera being seen on New Caprica, being hidden in her school. This answers the question of whether or not Adama knew of Roslin’s plan to keep Hera away from Athena and Helo. He did not and he is not happy with Roslin.
  • Lee and Kara have been having an affair since the end of Unfinished Business. Lee wants them to divorce their respective spouses and be together. Kara, taking a very Roman Catholic view of marriage, says it is a sacrement she will not break, though she will bend the rules and cheat. Lee refuses.
  • Deanna and Baltar scheme to get down to the temple, leaving Caprica Six behind, so Deanna can fulfill her destiny and see the faces of the final five Cylons, which she does. Consequently, the entire Three line is boxed – their consciousness put in cold storage – at the end of Rapture.
  • Athena is determined to get her daughter and has Helo kill her so she can download among the Cylons. Caprica Six helps her see Hera, who is sick. Athena convinces Six that Hera needs a human doctor or she will die. Caprica Six helps Athena and Hera get off the basestar and to Galactica and is arrested by Tigh for her troubles.
  • The humans finally realize that the Eye isn’t inside the temple, it is the collapsing super nova near the algae planet. Somehow, Gaeta figures out that this supernova is a signpost to another supernova that is further out and, apparently on the path to Earth.
  • While in the temple, Deanna dies immediately after seeing the faces of the final five Cylons. Baltar has been so interested in Deanna’s quest because he suspects he is one of the final five. She dies before telling him if he is and, unfortunately for him, Tyrol and the military on the planet return to the temple, find him and arrest him.
  • While the algae harvesters, a group including Anders, Lee, Dualla, Starbuck, Cally and the Chief, are on the planet, a troop of Centurions land on the planet and the group has to defend the position and the Chief and Cally while they are in the temple solving the Eye of Jupiter riddle. Having to work together brings all of the animosity to the front of the love quadrangle, especially when Lee orders Dualla to risk her life to rescue Kara, shot down in her Raptor.

Now, the fleet has the next signpost on the road to earth, Hera has been returned to her family and the fleet, Baltar and Caprica Six have been arrested, Lee and Kara are separated again, D’anna has been boxed, Kara realizes that she has been doodling an image of the Eye of Jupiter since she was a child and starts to believe Leoben’s prophecy from season one that she has a destiny and the viewer is left with the question, “Who are the final five Cylons?” That is the question that will dominate the second half of season three, from the viewers point of view. The fleet will be more concerned with the trial of Gaius Baltar which promises to be very entertaining.



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